April 1, 2010 6:26 am

Commercial Manager – Civil Contracting


Exceptional opportunity for a experienced civils commercial manager to join our expanding Resources Team. Confidentiality assured.

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    April 1, 2010 at 11:28 am
    snpuck says:

    Get a straw buyer, removed from you by two degrees, and have them short the stock.
    Tell CEO to fire everyone, and loot the company.
    Watch stock price plunge.
    Go gets your money.
    Move to the Caribbean
    References :
    Someone who has taken corporate law.

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    April 1, 2010 at 6:26 am
    Eshan says:

    Assume that the CEO of this company appointed you as a consultant to advise him to put the organization …?
    Assignment Brief
    ‘Vista’ is one of the largest privately held, general building contracting firms in srilanka which was established in 1980. It offers a wide range of services including drawing plans, residential development, commercial development and civil engineering projects.
    Organizational Structure
    They have separate departments to cater different customer. They were doing really well beating all the competitors in the city. All clients were happy with the services offered by the company. Employee turnover rate was also ‘zero’.
    Employee Satisfaction
    Earning of the work force were high especially Marketing people were earning a lot through the commission in addition to their fixed salary. Even site laborers were happy with their wages since it was above the market average rates. All the employees were given the decision making power within their capacity which empowered them.
    Customer Satisfaction
    Their key to success was the service given to the clients. Their strategy was to satisfy the customers where they tried to customize their service according to individual needs.
    Present Condition
    Everything was running perfectly well for the ‘Vista’ till the day the General Manager Mr. Peter Samuel got resigned. After him, Mr.S.Fernando had been appointed as the general manager. Trouble began with the appointment of this new GM. The company is now facing large number of difficulties as mentioned below.
    •The employees are rejecting the new promotion scheme introduced by new GM and they are planning for strike
    •Both employees and middle managers complain that it is difficult to communicate with the new GM
    •The workers complain that company is recruiting new employee unnecessarily
    •Customers are complaining that the quality of products going down and that they are not getting customized service any more
    • Most of the forecasts done by the top managers have gone wrong and they put the blame on the inaccurate information.
    •Several conflicts occurred between the employees who supported the new GM and those who don’t.
    •Cash flow of the organization is facing a serious tight condition

    Assume that the CEO of this company appointed you as a consultant to advise him to put the organization back on to the correct track. Prepare a report that you are going to submit to the CEO. In preparing this report your focus must be given to the areas mentioned below.

    •SWOT and PEST analysis
    •Process of management
    •Managing Style
    •Control and procedures and other relevant subject matters
    •Motivation, delegation and empowerment
    •Appropriate framework for organizational management
    •Leadership Styles
    •Decision making process and tool
    •Tools of company accounting

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