June 22, 2012 4:12 am

Database Marketing Manager From the Netherlands Lands 457 Visa Sponsorship in Australia!


Congratulations to Marike Bongers, who is being sponsored by an Australian company to migrate out to Australia.

Marike Bongers 2 compressed Database Marketing Manager From the Netherlands Lands 457 Visa Sponsorship in Australia!

Database Marketing Manager Finds Job Sponsorship Australia


Marike contributes her success to an Australian job sponsorship search strategy that focused on the hidden job market; a planned trip to Australia for interviews and networking; and a professionally created Australian CV.

It took Marike a solid 5 months of searching, and she says it was ‘not very easy’. However, she finally found success through applying the right strategies. This is her advice to others:

DON’T GIVE UP. You may hear ‘No’ 25 times but maybe your 26th application/interview will be ‘the one’. It’s pretty frustrating when employers don’t even look at your application because you don’t have the right to work in Australia, but don’t let it discourage you. It’s also frustrating to hear that you’re the perfect candidate, but they can’t sponsor. Australia is seriously looking for talent and in the end you will find the employer that is willing to take the risk of sponsoring…so don’t lose your motivation!

Read the full story of how Marike found employer sponsorship in Australia, including details on her strategies used and her recommendations to others who are trying to find employer sponsorship in Australia by clicking here.

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