October 8, 2010 2:06 am

Finding Sponsorship Jobs in Australia is Easier With Sponsorship Australia.net


Skilled migrants all over the world have seen their hopes diminish as a significant portion of jobs were cut from the General Skilled Migration List earlier this year.

Now, Now, with the appointment of Chris Bowen, the new Minister for Immigration and Citizenship as of 14 September, 2010; it is  not expected that migrating to Australia will become any easier for overseas nationals, which is forcing potential emigrants to Australia to turn to employer sponsorship as their final option for achieving their dream of migrating to Australia.

Despite the difficulties that many international job seekers are facing, there are people finding sponsorship in Australia on a daily basis.

“There are many companies in Australia who are prepared to consider sponsoring an overseas national; however, they are not all advertising this fact,” Ms Myers said.

“If emigrants knew where to find sponsored opportunities in Australia, and how to approach employers for sponsorship, they would see their success rate dramatically increase.”

Nab That Job is helping to address the issues that potential emigrants are facing, by creating a source of information on finding employer sponsorship in Australia for these job seekers to access, via www.SponsorshipAustralia.net.

“SponsorshipAustralia.net takes the ‘grey’ areas out of the search for sponsored jobs in Australia, by offering sponsorship job seekers tips, guides and case studies to assist them along their journey of finding employer sponsorship in Australia”, said Ms Myers.

“The most powerful aspect of SponsorshipAustralia.net is our job search section – listing all of the job vacancies offering sponsorship that are currently advertised in Australia across various websites – thus saving site members hours of effort to seek out these opportunities themselves,” Ms Myers said.

“The sponsored jobs list is updated on a weekly basis, and quite often we find more than 100 vacancies per week for our clients to apply directly to,” said Ms Myers.

“Since international job seekers are competing against local residents, they need all the assistance they can get to be successful.  This is what we’re passionate about.  This is what we’re here for.”

To sign up to Sponsorship Australia as a Premium Member so that you have access to the sponsorship jobs in Australia listing, click here now.

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