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LinkedIn Strategy For Australian Sponsorship


If you are not a Premium Member of Sponsorship Australia, the free LinkedIn Strategy for job search is reason alone to upgrade your membership.

The LinkedIn Strategy for job search was developed by Nab That Job in Australia! who use LinkedIn for searching for suitable opportunities offering job sponsorship for their clients.  Nab That Job in Australia! have had such success using the power of networking via LinkedIn that they decided to write a Job Search Strategy using LinkedIn alone, to assist people who are looking for sponsorship jobs in Australia.

I know this sounds obvious, however, The LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search, like any strategy, will only affective if you implement it.  Many people download the document, read through it and maybe pick up bits and pieces that they can use.  Then there are the serious job seekers who implement the step by step strategy and find success from using it.

One such client of Nab That Job in Australia! has experienced success using the LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search in Australia.  A Telecommunications Professional from South Africa, who had been applying for jobs in Australia through the usual job search channels with no response, downloaded and implemented the LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search and within two weeks had three invitations for interviews.  Previously he had not had this type of response from his normal job applications!  This shows the great power in using LinkedIn to expand your networks and connections, tap into the hidden job market and find interact with the people who are looking to fill their vacancies.

The hidden job market in Australia contains an estimated 70-80% of all jobs in Australia, and these are jobs that are not advertised through job search websites and newspapers.  Networking is the best way to tap into the hidden job market in Australia, and LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for networking with Australian employers and recruiters.

Employers love LinkedIn because it enables them to fill their vacancies in Australia at minimal cost.  They find that skilled candidates are seeking their company out through LinkedIn and are connecting with them, and therefore, Australian companies are saving time, effort and money in their search for candidates.  Further, Australian employers and recruiters can do searches via LinkedIn to quickly find people who have the skills they are looking for (by using key words), and approach them directly in regards to their opportunities.

Australian companies are a little bit behind the US in regards to advertising vacancies via LinkedIn, however, they are quickly catching on and we predict that over the next 12 months we will see an increase of companies and recruiters in Australia advertising their vacancies on LinkedIn.

However, the LinkedIn Strategy for job search offered to Premium Members of Sponsorship Australia assists Australian job sponsorship seekers to tap into the hidden job market in Australia, and to use the power of networking to source opportunities.

If you are not on LinkedIn, you need to be if you are serious about your job sponsorship search in Australia!

To download your free copy of the LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search to assist you in your search for sponsored employment, you will need to sign up as a Premium Member.

Premium Members enjoy benefits such as weekly Australian sponsorship jobs listings, offering 100+ job postings per week that are offering employer sponsorship in Australia or 457 visas; as well as real live success stories of people who have found sponsorship jobs in Australia.

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    October 26, 2013 at 2:53 am
    ADITYA KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir

    Please sent me a job for fuel technician position with sponsorship as I had 16 years
    experience in petrol pump station for service & maintenance work look after all electrical,mechanical & hydrolics repairing at field also handle AMC,Installation &
    commissioning work at field for customer as I am looking job for Australia with
    sponsorship if you had any opening please contact me at my mail id –

    Warm Regards
    A K Sharma

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