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The Power of an Effective Australian CV

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You will read in many forums around the internet about people’s belief that your resume has nothing to do with why you are not successful in your search for employment in Australia.  It seems that the people who have made these comments have managed to find employment through their own connections, or by pushing themselves in front of employers so that they will be considered.

However, if you do not have the right connections to assist you to find employment in Australia, and if you do not have the ability to get yourself in front of Australian employers, then you will be relying on your CV working for you.

Nab That Job in Australia’s clients have proven that your resume does indeed play a significant part in an Australian job search.

For example, clients who had been searching for employment for up to two years without any positive response, all of a sudden started receiving invitations for interviews after having their CV rewritten in an effective Australian format, and eventually, job offers.  The only thing that these people changed was their CV, and this small change enabled them to finally have a chance of living and working in Australia.

One particular client, a gentleman from South Africa in the Finance industry, who was applying for jobs from South Africa, noticed a significant change to his job search.  Not only was he super impressed by how professional his CV looked, and he had confidence sending it out to job applications, within a very short time frame he received several interviews, a job offer and was moving to Australia to start his new job within three weeks.

His wife was so impressed by this client’s new Australian CV that she also had her CV prepared in an effective Australian style (her profession was in office management), and the very first job she applied for in Australia ended in a job offer!

Of course, once you get to the interview, it is up to you to ‘wow’ the employer and really sell your skills and experience.  However, the CV is what gets you in the door in the first place, and if you receive an invitation for an interview, the employer is already impressed with your skills and experience and only wants to verify these with you, as well as assess your communications skills and whether your personality would be a fit for the organisation.

A client from Singapore had a similar experience, whereby he had been applying for jobs in Australia (from Singapore) for at least two years.  However, as soon as he had his CV professionally prepared by Nab That Job in Australia, he received his very first invitation for an interview within one week of using the new CV.  In these couple of cases, these clients may have found themselves in the same position still trying to find employment in Australia, had they not had their CVs professionally prepared by an Australian Emigration Job Search Strategist.

It is sometimes difficult for someone to understand how a CV can have such an impact upon their job search for Australia.  However, it is not until you can actually see with your own eyes (and from the positive response you receive from your applications) the difference that a powerful Australian CV can make, that you will really understand.

Most people are advised or perhaps are afraid to use colour in their CV.  However, the reality is that colour is appealing to the eye, breaks the mundane black and white, enables you to highlight specific information that you want to draw the Australian employer’s attention to and will enable your CV to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants.  A CV with well-thought out use of colour can be a pleasure to read and can help to effectively exceed the expectations of the Australian employer by not only offering an attractive document to read, but also addressing all of the questions that the Australian employer has about you.

If you are reading this article, you are likely seeking employer sponsorship in Australia.  This means that not only do you have to compete against Australian residents, however you also need to impress the Australian employer so much that they will consider sponsoring you.

If you have a CV that does not meet or exceed the expectations of Australian employers then you are unlikely to be invited for an interview.  If you do not stand out against other applicants as the best person for the job, you do not have a chance of being considered for employer sponsorship.

If you have been applying for jobs in Australia for weeks, months or even years, and have not received a positive response from your applications, it is likely that your CV is the barrier between you and an interview.

Someone once said that the definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting to receive a different result’.  If you want to change your results, you need to change what you’re doing.  Having your CV professionally prepared specifically for the Australian job market could be just the change you need to change the results of your Australian job sponsorship search from nil or negative response, to positive response.

You can do a free CV assessment to find out where your current CV stands by clicking here.

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If you do  not have the budget for preparing your CV to be effective in Australia, you will unlikely have the budget to migrate to Australia.  However, some people prefer to do things themselves, and if you are confident in your ability to write an effective resume, you may be interested in purchasing singular Australian templates and writing your Australian CV yourself.  Click here to view some effective Resume Australian templates and Australian Cover Letter templates for sale starting from AU$7.

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