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Which Occupations Are Offering Sponsorship in Australia?


If you’re like the thousands of other people out there wondering which occupations are in demand in Australia, and in particular, which occupations are actually offering sponsorship in Australia – this article will give you a good understanding of what has been happening in the sponsorship market over the past month.

Between 10 September 2010 and 10 October 2010 there were 622* jobs advertised in Australia offering sponsorship.  622 sponsorship jobs!  This is a very positive sign that Australian companies are becoming more comfortable with sponsoring overseas nationals, and we predict that these figures are set to soar.

Of all of the jobs that were advertised, the most outstanding numbers of jobs advertised with sponsorship by occupational group, were for Trades, Medical and Engineering professionals.  These jobs with sponsorship in Australia included the following:

  • Trades – 43%

o   Electricians

o   Plumbers

o   Drillers

o   Draftspersons

o   Fitters

o   Concrete Labourers

o   Scaffolders

o   Grounds Workers

o   Auto Electricians

o   Mechanics

  • Medical – 20%

o   Registered Nurses

o   Registered Midwives

o   Specialised RNs

o   Psychiatrists

o   GPs

o   Dentists

o   Dental Technicians

o   Enrolled Nurses

o   Registrars

o   Medical Officers

o   Radiographers

o   Occupational Therapists

o   Physical Therapists

  • Engineering – 15%

o   Mechanical Engineers

o   Electrical & Design Engineers

o   Civil & Design Engineers

o   Structural & Design Engineers

o   Pipeline Engineers

o   Railway Engineers

o   Plant Engineers

o   Project Engineers

o   Site Engineers

o   Geotechnical Engineers

o   Process Engineers

o   Test Engineers

o   Validation Engineers

o   Safety Engineers

o   Subsea Engineers

o   Drilling Engineers

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Occupations Advertisted 10 09 10 10 300x231 Which Occupations Are Offering Sponsorship in Australia?

The next most in demand occupational groups in Australia that were advertised offering job sponsorship includes:

  • HR / L&D / Health & Safety – 5%
  • IT Professions – 5%
  • Manager – Various – 4%
  • Finance Professions – 3%

Out of all of the jobs that were advertised during the period studied, the regions of Australia that are advertising the largest numbers of jobs with sponsorship in Australia include:

  • NSW – 27%
  • All Australia – 30%
  • QLD – 12%
  • VIC – 12%
  • WA – 12%

Sponsorship Jobs by State 10 09 10 10 300x180 Which Occupations Are Offering Sponsorship in Australia?

South Australia only accounted for 5% of advertised positions in Australia during the period, with ACT, NT and TAS being the least advertised regions for employer sponsorship positions.

What do all of these figures mean?  If NT is only advertising 1% of jobs during the period, does this mean that you are less likely to find a sponsored position in NT?  Not necessarily, because not all companies will be advertising their jobs as offering sponsorship, so there would still be vacancies available to overseas nationals applying – they are just harder to find.  One thing that you should keep in mind for NT, ACT and TAS is that there would be less job opportunities overall (including those that are not offering sponsorship) in comparison to the larger States of NSW, QLD and VIC.

Since the majority of jobs over all will be found in these larger States, it only goes to assume that there will be more sponsorship opportunities there too.  You should also keep in mind that the majority of people from overseas who are applying for jobs in Australia will be aiming for the larger States and cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne.  This means that competition for jobs in these areas will be tighter, even though there are more opportunities.

However, I believe that all of these influencing factors balance out, and that you should aim for the areas of Australia that you believe you would be happiest; whilst also keeping your options open so that you are not closing off opportunities in regions of Australia that you may enjoy.

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*These figures were taken from Sponsorship Australia’s research of various job search websites in Australia and may not be an accurate reflection of the actual number of vacancies available in Australia during this time.

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