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Why You Should Consider ACT for Australian State Sponsorship


Now that the State Migration Plans are finally coming out, are you now looking to apply for Australian State Sponsorship but are unsure which State of Australia to choose?  Perhaps you have heard all about Melbourne and Sydney, but know nothing of the other cities and regions of Australia.

Sponsorship Australia is here to tell you more about Canberra – Australia’s capital city, and probably the least visited city in Australia.

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Canberra is located approximately four hours by car from Sydney, two hours driving time to the NSW south coast, two hours from the NSW ski fields, and approximately 10 hours’ drive from Melbourne.  Canberra offers the best of Australia – being close to Australia’s most famous and biggest city; a short drive to the beautiful coastal beaches of NSW and commutable distance to the winter wonderland of the Snowy Mountains.

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To put this into perspective, Australia is one of the driest continents in the world, and has only two ski fields in the whole of the country – the Snow Mountains in NSW and the ski fields in Victoria.  Not many Australians therefore get to enjoy skiing on a yearly basis, and this is one of Canberra’s best features if you are into winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

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Although Canberra has a lot to offer; if you love the big city, you can make visits to Sydney on weekends, taking advantage of the shopping that Sydney has to offer, the many restaurants, entertainment and more.

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If you love the beach, you can head down to the southern coastal region of NSW, and hang out at Batemans Bay where you can soak up the sun, the surf and really unwind from your busy work week.

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The population of Canberra, as at March 2010, was 353,000; with a median age of 34 years.

The average full time weekly income of a Canberra resident is approximately $1,443; and Canberra has the lowest unemployment rate of all of Australian cities, at 3.3% (Australia has an unemployment rate of 5.2% nationally as at March 2010).  Canberra residents enjoy an average commute time to work of 15-20 minutes.  What a dream, compared to other cities of the world!

Due to Canberra being Australia’s capital city, there tend to be a lot of Government jobs in Canberra.  I also once heard that Canberra is a great place to move for a single woman as there is a higher men:women ratio.  Not sure if this is still the case!



Canberra has a wonderful climate that is warm to hot during the summer months and cool to cold during the winter months.  Australia in general is not a country that experiences distinct seasons, such as Canada and Europe, due to its warm and dry climate.  However, Canberra is one of the few places in Australia where you can actually experience four distinct seasons, whilst also enjoying loads of sunshine all year-round.  In fact, according to, Canberra experiences more hours of sunshine than Sydney or the Gold Coast!

Canberra experiences the third lowest rainfall of the Australian capital cities, which is spread out evenly across the seasons, with Spring experiencing the most rainfall.  The lowest temperature on record for Canberra was -10 degrees Celsius back in 1971.  Snow is commonly experienced in Canberra once or twice per year, since Canberra is in close vicinity of Australia’s highest mountain range (the Snowy Mountains).  The surrounding areas experience annual snow fall throughout winter, resulting in the snow-capped mountain peaks being a beautiful sight from downtown Canberra.  The highest maximum temperature experienced in Canberra was 42.2 degrees Celsius, which was experienced in 1968.

Canberra is less humid than the surrounding coastal areas, and does not experience a lot of wind.

Average maximum temperatures

Summer (December-February) – 27 degrees
Autumn (March-May) – 20 degrees
Winter (June-August) – 12 degrees
Spring (September-November) – 19 degrees




To search current job vacancies in Canberra that are open to overseas applicants, you will need to sign in as Premium Member.



Canberra is the perfect place to live if you do not enjoy the fast-paced, rat-race lifestyle of the city, however, you do not want to give up the great things that city living has to offer.

Canberra is described as a ‘beautiful city of wide open spaces, fresh air, community living and a more relaxed way of life (source:

Canberra has the ability to offer residents various lifestyle choices – from cosmopolitan living, with a superb transport network, great shopping, a vibrant nightlife and stylish café/restaurant culture.  Yet residents also have the option of living a more “country” lifestyle should they choose, or to opt for quiet suburban living.

One of the major perks of Canberra is that even during their rush hour; it only takes residents on average 20 minutes to get to work.  There are no toll roads, no pollution and no stressful traffic issues.  This means that you can enjoy more time out of your car and enjoying your lifestyle.

Canberra is known to be a family-friendly, safe city; with Australia’s best education system, excellent health facilities, a clean environment with low crime rate, Australia’s best roads, hundreds of kilometres of bike parks and generally a safe and relaxed lifestyle.

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Cost of Living*

Whether you are buying a house, parking the car or sipping a coffee, you’ll find it’s cheaper in Canberra. Here’s how some of the costs stack up, in $AUD:

  • All day parking in the city: $7.50 – $10.50
  • Cappuccino: $3.50
  • Movie ticket: Adult $16.50; Concession $14.00; Child $12.00
  • Single adult bus ticket: $4.00 (Children under 5 travel free)
  • Adult Faresaver bus ticket: $25.20 (10 tickets)
  • Single concession / student bus ticket: $2.00
  • Concession Faresaver bus ticket: $12.60 (10 tickets)
  • Entry to Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, Canberra Glassworks: Free
  • Pool admission: Adult $5.25; Concession $3.50
  • Entry to National Zoo and Aquarium: Adults $30.00; Children up to three years $2; Children 4 to 15 years $18.50; Family (two adults and 3 children) $89.50
  • Floriade entry (flower festival): Free
  • Median three bedroom house rent: $430 per week^
  • Median three bedroom house price: $490,000^
  • Median two bedroom unit / town house rent: $445 per week^
  • Median two bedroom unit / town house price: $420,000^

* All statistics are approximate and current at March 2010.

^ Housing statistics obtained from REIA Market Facts – March 2010 quarter


A really great website for getting an idea of the cost of rental properties and purchasing properties in Canberra is  This is Australia’s largest website for renting and buying properties, and you can also now buy businesses from the same site.

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I really recommend reviewing the testimonials of people who have moved to Canberra and their perspective of life there by visiting: See Testimonials of people who have moved to Canberra and how they are enjoying their life there here: .



Canberra has an excellent public transport system with public buses that go to all the major areas of Canberra with a fairly frequent service.  You can also catch coaches and trains to areas outside of Canberra, such as Sydney, Melbourne, the coast etc.  Countrylink is the main train service for Australia and you can view its network here: .   Greyhound is Australia’s main coach line that travels all over Australia, and you can view the network map for Greyhound by clicking here.


ACT School Holidays

In Australia, the school year begins in late January – early February, with short breaks in April, July and September. The school year finishes just before Christmas, with the long school holidays over the Australian summer in December and January.

ACT State Sponsorship

If you would like to apply for ACT State Sponsorship, I recommend that you get moving now, as places are limited for all occupations.  The best way to get started is to book an assessment with a registered Australian migration agent.  Click here to book an assessment now.

You can view the occupations that are eligible for ACT State Sponsorship by clicking here. You will also find more information about ACT State Sponsorship by clicking here.

Some occupations require that you have a job offer before you can be awarded the Australian State Sponsorship, and other occupations allow you to apply and then seek employment once you have your visa in place.  Either way, Nab That Job in Australia! can assist you with your job search; and Premium Members of Sponsorship Australia can review and apply for jobs that are open to overseas applicants by signing into the Premium Members section of the website.

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