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Young Chef Finds Emplo...

“Keep trying!!! Stay as optimistic as possible. Pick yourself up after getting a rejection and just know there’s something out there that’s going to work for you!” These are some of Roxanne Visser’s tips: a 22 year old chef from South Africa who recently migrated to a coastal town south of Perth, WA; after receiving employer sponsorship with the assistance of Nab That Job in Australia! Pic – Roxanne, Hard at Work in Australia   Due [ continue reading ]

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UK Chef Finds Job Spon...

A highly experienced Catering Manager and Head Chef from the UK, found job sponsorship in Australia after a reasonably short period applying for jobs from outside of Australia. Sign in to the Premium Members section now to learn about how this chef did it, what his recommendations and tips are to other people seeking sponsorship jobs in Australia and follow his process so you, too, can find success. You will find this success story, and [ continue reading ]

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Chef Jobs in Australia...

Premium Members of Sponsorship Australia are encouraged to apply for our current Chef jobs in Australia that are offering 457 sponsorship to qualifying applicants. If you are not already a Premium Member, and would like to apply for these roles, sign up or upgrade your membership now, by clicking here. Be sure to add your occupation when you sign up, and email your CV through to info@nabthatjob.com for consideration for these positions.

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Available Sponsored Jobs in Australia, Skilled Australia, Sponsorship Australia
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