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WA State Sponsorship L...

Western Australia have announced their State Migration Plan (SMP) this week, and the results are very positive, with various occupations qualifying for sponsorship in WA. The eligible Occupations list for WA State Migration is much more pleasing than the QLD SMP, however, there are occupations that have already closed, such as Cook and Accountant.  You should therefore take caution to apply for State sponsorship for WA asap, as you should for any of the other [ continue reading ]

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NT State Migration Pla...

The Australian NT have recently announced their State (Territory) Migration Plans, listing out the occupations that are eligible for State/Territory Sponsorship. A lot of people who have not been to Australia do not know much about the Northern Territory – it is one of Australia’s least known States/Territories, but that does not mean it is not worth knowing! I know many people who have made the choice to live in Alice Springs or Darwin, as [ continue reading ]

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Why You Should Conside...

Now that the State Migration Plans are finally coming out, are you now looking to apply for Australian State Sponsorship but are unsure which State of Australia to choose?  Perhaps you have heard all about Melbourne and Sydney, but know nothing of the other cities and regions of Australia. Sponsorship Australia is here to tell you more about Canberra – Australia’s capital city, and probably the least visited city in Australia. Location Canberra is located [ continue reading ]

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