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Occupations Offering Sponsorship in Australia


The review of the Australian job market during October 2010, reporting on which occupations are offering sponsorship jobs in Australia at the time, proved to be very popular and as such we have decided to do regular reports on the market so that you can know how the market is looking for your profession, and get an idea of your likelihood of finding sponsorship via job search websites.

I say “via job search websites” because the statistics reported are based on the number of jobs in Australia that are being advertised as offering sponsorship. This therefore does not mean that these statistics are a 100% accurate reflection of the market. However, these statistics are a good indication of which occupations in Australia are currently in demand, and are therefore more likely to be offering sponsorship.

During November and December 2010, there were a total of 1143 jobs advertised with sponsorship*, and surprisingly, there was no decline in jobs being advertised during December, which is a usual occurrence during the Christmas/New Year period. This may be due to a number of factors, including that jobs can be automatically posted and therefore employers and recruiters can continue to post jobs even when they are on leave. Or, it may be that there is such demand to fill these roles causing no lapse period in regards to job search.

As per our previous studies, the most outstanding occupational groups that advertised jobs offering sponsorship were again Medical and Engineering, with a significant increase in medical jobs of 12%. However, since our last report, there has been a significant decline in the number of sponsored jobs advertised for Trades & Construction (-32%) and a small increase in IT/ICT and HR jobs (89% of which were for recruitment consultants).

The major occupational groups with advertised jobs offering sponsorship in Australia during November and December 2010 included the following:

Medical – 32%
o Registered Nurses
o Registered Midwives
o Specialised RNs
o GPs
o Dentists
o Medical Specialists
o Sonographers
o Nurse Unit Managers

Engineering – 14%
o Bridge Engineers
o Civil Engineers
o Structural Engineers
o Process Engineers
o Rail Engineers
o Design Engineers
o Pipeline Engineers
o Project Engineers
o Electrical Engineers
o Geotechnical Engineers
o Mechanical Engineers
o Safety Engineers
o Power Engineers
o Site Engineers
o Tailings Engineers
o Plant Engineers
o Mining Engineers
o Subsurface Development Engineers
o Works Engineers
o Managers Engineers
o Planning Engineers

IT / ICT – 12%
o Engineers
o Architects
o Consultants
o Developers
o Analysts
o Specialists
o DBA’s
o Managers

Trades & Construction – 11%
o Electricians
o Plumbers
o Drillers
o Draftspersons
o Fitters / Turners
o Quantity Surveyors / Estimators
o Concrete Labourers
o Mechanics
o Grounds Workers
o Auto Electricians
o Consultants
o Architects

Sponsorship Vacancies by Occupation Nov Dec 2010 Occupations Offering Sponsorship in Australia

The next most in demand occupational groups in Australia that were advertised offering job sponsorship includes:

• HR / L&D / Health & Safety – 8% (up by 2%)
• Finance Professions – 6% (up by 3%)
• Education Professionals – 5% (up by 5%)
• Managers – 4% (no change)
• Scientific Professionals – 3% (up 2%)
• Hospitality Professionals – 2% (up 1%)
• Administration Professions – 1% (up 1%)
• Sales & Marketing Professions – 1% (up 1%)

The biggest surprises over the past two months were the companies who were offering sponsorship for the following positions:

• Head Cleaner
• Pizza Maker
• Salon Manager
• Spa Therapist

The above positions are ones that have not been actively sought out and are considered to be positions that are not in demand in Australia. However, the employers who were looking for suitable applicants obviously did not agree with this view and opened their job search internationally.

Out of all of the jobs that were advertised during the period studied, the distribution of jobs in Australia offering sponsorship across each State are as follows:

• NSW – 34% (up 7%)
• VIC – 23% (up 11%)
• WA – 21% (up 9%)
• QLD – 18% (up 6%)
• SA – 2% (down 3%)
• ACT – 1% (no change)
• NT – 1% (no change)
• TAS – 0% (no change)

Sponsorship Vacancies per State Nov Dec 2010 Occupations Offering Sponsorship in Australia

The number of advertised sponsored jobs in Australia increased in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA in comparison to the last report covering September & October 2010; with the greatest change experienced in Victoria, who had an increase of 11% advertised jobs with sponsorship over the past two months.

Victoria appears to be suffering from a shortage in IT, Medical and Trades Professionals, with NSW desperately seeking Engineering, Medical, IT and Recruitment Professionals; and QLD looking out for skilled Medical, Engineering and IT professionals.

Western Australia is suffering significant shortages in many sectors, including engineering, trades, medical, hospitality, and scientific professionals.

Once again, SA, ACT, NT and TAS were the States / Territories of Australia who advertised the least number of vacancies with sponsorship, offering less than 4% of all advertised sponsored jobs in Australia during the period.

I would like to reiterate that the low percentages of jobs advertised with sponsorship in Australia do not necessarily mean that you are less likely to find a sponsored job in these States, because not all companies will be advertising their jobs as offering sponsorship, so there would still be vacancies available to overseas nationals applying – they are just harder to find.

However, as stated previously, you should also keep in mind that NT, ACT and TAS will have less job opportunities overall (including those that are not offering sponsorship) in comparison to the larger States of NSW, QLD and VIC; as they are less populated States and Territories.
Since the majority of jobs over all will be found in these larger States, it only goes to assume that there will be more sponsorship opportunities there too. You should also keep in mind that the majority of people from overseas who are applying for jobs in Australia will be aiming for the larger States and cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. This means that competition for jobs in these areas will be tighter, even though there are more opportunities.

However, I believe that all of these influencing factors balance out, and that you should aim for the areas of Australia that you believe you would be happiest; whilst also keeping your options open so that you are not closing off opportunities in regions of Australia that you may enjoy.
We have found that members of Sponsorship Australia who have found sponsorship over the past two months, have done so in and QLD, WA and SA, for medical, hospitality, sales and trades occupations.

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*These figures were taken from Sponsorship Australia’s research of various job search websites in Australia and may not be an accurate reflection of the actual number of vacancies available in Australia during this time.

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